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UNITED – St Mary’s Church & Village Magazine Easebourne

United is the official magazine of the village of Easebourne.

There is a report every month from our two schools – Easebourne Primary School and Conifers School. There is news from the church with a diary and letter from the vicar. There is news every month from Easebourne Parish Council and the Cowdray Estate. There is information and news from local groups and societies, plus regular features on local personalities, natural history, gardening, etc. and a comprehensive contacts page.

Comments, suggestions and contributions are always welcome. Please contact one of the editorial team. (Details below.) United costs 50p an issue or £5.00 per annum (10 issues) with free delivery in the village. If you would like to subscribe please contact Ann Harfield (details below).

United Editorial Team
Tina and Gavin Litchfield (Editors)
Tel: 01730 816542

Revd Derek Welsman

Ann Harfield (Distribution)
Tel: 01730 813810

John Humphris
Tel:  01730 810052