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Class 5 – Our Policies and Procedures

Current written protocols, policies and procedures for delivering our services and responsibilities.

Use the Web Link “Click” button to navigate to the page where available. To order a printout and any additional information we may have, go to the order form page.

Our policies and procedures Web Link
Policies and procedures for the conduct of council business:-
Procedural standing orders Click
Committee and sub-committee terms of reference
Delegated authority in respects of officers
Code of Conduct Click
Grants and Donations Policy Click
Grants and Donations Application Form Click
Memorial Policy Click
New Policy Click
Policies and procedures for the provision of services and about the employment of staff:-
Training Policy (Councillors and Staff) Click
Risk assessment
Equality and diversity policy
Health and safety policy Clik
Staff recruitment policy (including current vacancies) Click
Pensions Policy Click
Policies and procedures for handling requests for information
Complaints procedures
Records management policies (records retention, destruction and archive)
Information Security Policy
Data Protection policies
Councillor Recruitment Policy Click
Application form for Co-option as a Parish Councillor Click
Councillor Participation Policy Click
New Policy Click