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Easebourne Park Crowdfunding Initiative Launched!

A new Crowdfunding initiative for Easebourne Park has been launched to raise funds to upgrade the paths around the Park enabling easier access to all areas for buggies, cycles and wheelchairs. Combined with an existing volunteering project to improve access on foot from the eastern Wheelbarrow Castle entrance, this initiative will help provide a much safer way to access the Primary School on foot. 

During phase 1 of Easebourne Park, the paths were constructed in such a way that upgrading would be possible once sufficient funds were available. Since it’s completion in September 2018 the Park has proved to be a great success with large numbers of the community using it ever since.

Crowdfunding is the new way in which we as a Parish Council can try to access funds from the West Sussex County Council Community Initiative Fund. Projects must show that they have community buy-in in the form of likes, comments and most importantly, pledges to our crowdfunding campaign. This is why we are seeking as many pledges as possible (from as little as £2 upwards) from individuals and businesses within the Parish and surrounding areas to show that this project has the backing and support of the local community. 

You can make a pledge to our project by following this link: www.spacehive.com/easebourne-park-inclusive-access-project and clicking ‘Back this project’. The more pledges we receive, the more likely we will be to secure additional funding from West Sussex County Council. If you’re not familiar with the concept of Crowdfunding, your pledge will only be claimed as and when we reach our fundraising target! So please help us achieve this key element of Phase 2 of Easebourne Park by pledging just £2 (or more!) and spreading the word among your friends, families, neighbours and colleagues. Thank you!  

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Easebourne Park Questionnaire

Everyone in the Parish should now have received a copy of our short questionnaire asking for your views on Easebourne Park. We’d really appreciate it if you can take just a couple of minutes to let us know what you think about Phase 1 and what if anything you would like to see added in Phase 2.

The questionnaire can be completed online by going to www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/23YK8NJ or the paper copy can be returned by dropping into the temporary Parish Council postboxes located in the village shop, Easebourne Primary school, Conifers school or the Church.

We’ll share the results with everyone during February!

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Midhurst Society hosts a public meeting with CDC

The Midhurst Society are hosting a public meeting on the 10th January where you can put your questions or suggestions about The Grange site to 2 Chichester District Councillors. Questions must be submitted in advance to The Midhurst Society but if you have a question and can’t make the meeting, it can be read out on your behalf. Please check The Midhurst Society website for full details.


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Christmas recycling and waste collection

Chichester District Council have providing all the information you need on the link below to help maximise your recycling this Christmas, including what materials can be recycled and where to take your tree. The link below will also help you find when your next waste collection dates will be over the festive period.


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