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The return of the Midhurst Green Volunteers

This morning saw the return of the Midhurst Green Volunteers to Easebourne, this time focusing on the footpath from the Bus Shelter at the end of Hollist Lane up towards Budgenor Lodge.

After an absence of several months, there was great support (as always) from the Midhurst team and this time 5 volunteers from Easebourne, including 1 first time helper!

Graham who leads the team is now putting together a schedule for the summer so we’ll know what future dates the team will be in Easebourne and we can hopefully attract some more new volunteers. As we’ve said before, if we can’t bring in our own village volunteers to help with our clean-ups and help in Midhurst too, then sadly this collaboration won’t continue.

Please consider coming along for future sessions, tell your neighbours, ask your friends and help make our community a tidier place! You only need to bring your own gloves, all other equipment is provided and social distancing can be maintained throughout the sessions.

The next session is Saturday 6th June, meeting at the corner of Hollist Lane again from 8am.

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The Green Volunteers are back!

The Midhurst Green Volunteers have been taking their first cautious steps back into the Community with a few sessions over the last week. They have selected specific locations where footpaths are wider or the area they are working in is open enough to allow them to distance themselves from each other.

The sessions have gone really well and there has been some really positive feedback from people who are grateful to see them back again!

We’re extra pleased to say that the team will be returning to Easebourne this coming Saturday 30th May! We will be meeting, at a distance of course, at the bottom of Hollist Lane near the bus shelter at 8.30am. The aim is to work northwards along the footpath to clear vegetation and widen the path. Volunteers will be spaced out along a section of the path and social distancing will be of paramount importance.

All tools are provide but you MUST bring your own garden gloves for obvious reasons. The session will be no longer than 2 hours and as an incentive to make it to the end they’ll be some cakes and cold drinks as a thank you and a reward!

If you can spare jut those 2 hours to help your community and get some safe, outdoor exercise at the same time, please get in touch to confirm your attendance. You can email grahampooley.gp@gmail.com and copy parishclerk@easebourne.org.

Many thanks and hope to see some village volunteers on the 30th!

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The Roundhouse Roof!

The Parish Council team are busy watering the new Roundhouse sedum roof at the moment, which as you can imagine is not an easy task! However on the plus side, when you get up close to the sedum you really begin to appreciate how beautiful it is!

Once established, the sedum will be extremely low maintenance and it really helps The Roundhouse blend into our National Park surroundings!


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Groups in Easebourne Park

The Parish Council has had reports of large groups of teenagers gathering in the brand new Easebourne Park Roundhouse and the school car park at the end of last week, intimidating other Park visitors and leaving behind litter and cigarette ends.
Whilst the lockdown rules have been slightly eased and people can spend more time outside, social distancing is still crucial if we are to control Covid-19.  These incidents of failing to adhere to social distancing have been reported to the Police and we will be increasing the number of visits made by our security team as a result.

If you know any of those involved or see any future incidents of large groups, we would encourage you to report it immediately to our local security team, Protec, on 01730 810001. Their number can also be found on notices around the perimeter of the Park. They are based locally and can respond within minutes, 24/7. Please also follow up that report with an email if possible to parishclerk@easebourne.org
Not only is this not fair on everyone else who is observing social distancing to help stop the spread of Covid-19, but extra security patrols have a financial impact on the Parish and therefore reduce funds for what else we might be able to achieve in the Park.
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Introducing The Roundhouse

Following community support in our Parish wide survey in January 2019, the Parish Council set about commissioning a ‘bandstand’ type of structure to be built in Easebourne Park. The concept was for it to be a place to meet up with friends, to hold events in or to shelter from the sun, or rain! Most importantly, a building that sat well within our National Park surroundings and that could be enjoyed by all for years to come.

After a lot of discussion, applying for grants, obtaining planning consent and fine tuning the details, construction began in early March this year. Many of you may have seen it slowing taking shape. We’re incredibly lucky to have won enough funding and donations to make the whole project possible. Our sincere thanks go to The Cowdray Estate, Chichester District Council, The National Lottery and The Grange Association.

We had a plan for many things that could happen along the way, but never one that covered what we do during a Pandemic. However, after a short period of inactivity, our amazing local designers and contractors, Artizans of Wood, set about slowly completing the project whilst adhering to the Governments social distancing rules.

After some equally amazing groundworks by another local company, ACS limited, The Roundhouse is complete, we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome and we hope you agree. It’s a beautiful structure that nestles perfectly into the Park.

Whilst equipment in Easebourne Park is still taped off in line with Government guidelines, the Park itself is accessible and is a great place to take your exercise during the ongoing Lockdown. If you’ve not already taken a closer look at The Roundhouse, wander up during your daily exercise!

We intend to hold a community event in the Park again later in the summer, subject to social distancing guidelines at the time, but when we are allowed to come together again as a community we will officially open The Roundhouse and have the biggest picnic Easebourne has ever seen!

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Latest Government advice regarding parks

In the Government announcement yesterday there was a slight relaxation of the lockdown rules on exercising and the use of outdoor spaces. Rules do not appear to have been relaxed for those in the community who are over 70 years old.
The understanding of the Parish Council is that it is now acceptable to exercise more than once a day and also enjoy open spaces for longer periods of time, BUT only with members of your household OR a maximum of ONE other person, whilst strictly observing existing social distancing rules.
So it’s now possible to spend more time within Easebourne Park, however please note that there has been no lifting of the restriction on the use of play equipment and so this remains out of action until there is further advice from the Government.
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Supporting our Bees in Easebourne Park!

Some of you may have noticed if you’re taking your daily exercise in Easebourne Park that a large section of grass between the zip-wire and the pond is being left uncut. This will be left to grow throughout May to help our bees!

The South Downs National Park Authority recently launched a major campaign to help reverse the decline of bees in the South East and create a haven for pollinators in the South Downs National Park. This includes creating wildflower corridors and leaving areas of grass uncut during this critical time of the year.

We already have a number of wildflower banks within the Park and hope to create more in the future.

You can find out more about the campaign here :


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VE Day Stay at Home Party!

A date for your diary!

The new 8th May Bank Holiday created to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day might not turn out like anyone was expecting, with all scheduled events cancelled due to Covid-19, but we can still have a Picnic at home!


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A message from Chichester District Council

We are urging residents not to light bonfires during the coronavirus crisis to protect the health of others. Smoke and smells from bonfires can aggravate respiratory problems which people with virus symptoms may be experiencing. People are also likely to want to enjoy their gardens during the virus lockdown. Please be mindful of your neighbours and fellow community members and do not burn any waste under any circumstances.

Read more at: socsi.in/latestnews_OWt5D