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Can you help with local Vaccination plans?

The Midhurst Angels are now pulling together a plan that will see a small army of volunteers taking part in the Vaccination programme, providing assistance to people arriving at the centre and making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Once up and running this could be a 7 day a week operation so we need a lot of pairs of hands. If you think you can help or have any questions regarding what would be expected, please get in touch by emailing midhurstangels@outlook.com

You can also find them on Facebook and for latest news visit www.midhurstangels.co.uk


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Tree carvings

If you’ve been taking your daily exercise in Easebourne Park recently you may have noticed our tree carvings have started to appear! Local Chainsaw sculptor Nathan Blatherwick is turning the conifer stumps into an impressive corner of carved animals, toadstools and an amazing tree trunk house!

Nathan will be continuing to create his chainsaw masterpieces over the coming weeks.


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Easebourne Park remains open in Lockdown

Following the Government announcement last night, Monday 4th January, we have investigated the detailed guidance and can confirm that Easebourne Park and the play equipment can remain accessible during the current Lockdown.

Obviously the rules around meeting others from outside your household must be followed, social distancing should be maintained at all times and if you are using the play equipment please do take the necessary precautions with regards to antibacterial hand gels before and after use.


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Green Volunteers are back!

The Green Volunteers will be back in Easebourne this Saturday the 5th December – this is what we hope Wheelbarrow Castle will look like after the session!

The team will be tackling the leaves and overgrown greenery along the south side of Wheelbarrow Castle. If you’ve walked Wheelbarrow Castle recently you’ll know there’s a lot to clear, so we would be extremely grateful for some extra pairs of hands!

Meet on the eastern corner of Wheelbarrow Castle from 8.00am, all tools are providing but please bring your own garden gloves. The team usually finish by 10.30am at the latest and you’re welcome to join us then for a celebratory muffin! It’s a great way to start your weekend, by joining this hardworking and dedicated team and giving something back to your community.

If you ‘d like any further details please contact Sharon, our Parish Clerk or Graham from the Green Volunteers on grahampooley.gp@gmail.com.

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Housing development in Easebourne

As some residents may know, there has recently been a pre-application submission to the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) for three development sites within Easebourne.

These three sites, on Egmont Road, the existing Cowdray Works Yard and the old Primary School, were all previously allocated in the Local Plan which was approved by Government and adopted last year.

As such, these three sites have all been deemed suitable for housing development of up to 20 units per site. The official adoption of the Local Plan means that some development will happen on these sites.

At this stage, the pre-application is effectively giving notice to the planning authority that the applicant intends to proceed with a detailed planning application in the near future.

Before that happens, there will be design workshops, public consultation and comprehensive discussions with various statutory bodies including the Parish Council. The proposals will also need to take into account the outcome of the Parish Design Statement that has been developed over the last 18 months, based on comments from residents. This document will shortly be adopted by the SDNPA as an official planning document.

Please be assured that there will be opportunities for residents to ask questions or raise any concerns about the proposals and as a statutory consultee, the Parish Council will be involved at all stages of the process and will strive to influence and achieve the best possible outcome for the Parish.

If you have any questions at this stage of the process, please feel free to get in touch by emailing parishclerk@easebourne.org.

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Defibrillator incident

UPDATE 23rd November – after further investigation it’s clear that this was a deliberate act of vandalism and the Police have now been informed. Vandalism in all its forms is unacceptable but to deliberately remove and discard a piece of life saving equipment is beyond disgusting. This act could have resulted and could still result in a person who needs access to this device in order to save their life being unable to use it. 

If you have any information about who was responsible for this please contact the Police or the Parish Council. If you live in the vicinity of the phone box and heard anything or have an potential CCTV footage, please also get in touch. 

It was reported to us this morning, Saturday 21st November, that the defibrillator housed inside the telephone box near Egmont Road was found on High Path. The jacket that protects it was missing and the pads had been ripped.

It doesn’t appear to have been used but until it can be checked this lifesaving piece of equipment is unfortunately out of action. The necessary authorities are being informed.

If anyone has any information about this incident we’d really appreciate it if this could be shared with the Parish Council by calling or emailing parishclerk@easebourne.org.

Thank you

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Rain and rubbish…

We were sent these photos from a resident after a walk around the village last weekend and thought we’d share for anyone who didn’t see the high waters.

Sadly at the same time they sent us a photo of the rubbish left inside and around The Roundhouse. There are plenty of waste bins in the Park, several within yards of The Roundhouse, so if this was your litter please take it with you next time or put it in a bin. Thank you.


Rain and rubbish…2020-11-19T16:54:59+00:00

Green volunteer update…

Last Saturday, 7th November, the Green Volunteers worked so hard that they trimmed, raked, swept and tidied the whole of High Path in one session – they worked so fast there wasn’t even time for a photo! (Library pic above!)

This type of volunteer activity is still allowed in Lockdown, so this coming Saturday 14th November there’s a bonus opportunity to get involved in a different part of the village.

Meeting from at 8.30am on the corner of Egmont Road and Easebourne Lane, the team will be trimming and sweeping along the paths, in both directions, as far as they in the time that they have! They finish by 10.30am.

Last weeks effort was down to a great team of volunteers – it proves that more hands really do make light work. So please think about taking your daily exercise early this Saturday and doing something really worthwhile at the same time!

Just bring yourself and some gardening gloves. Everything else is provided.

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And our November Community Star is…

Just before Lockdown we presented our next Community Star award to a member of our community who has been going above and beyond, especially in recent months.

Sue Absolom was nominated by Rev Derek Welsman, who shared these comments:

“Sue has been an absolute brick throughout the Covid crisis; she has made masks and given the proceeds to charity, she has also supported many lonely and vulnerable people in the village – all without fuss or bother; I can think of no one better for an award.”

Sue is also a regular contributor to the parish magazine with her monthly poems and she helps out at the
church and delivers the parish magazine to subscribers.
The photo shows Sue receiving her Easebourne Star Certificate, presented by Rev Derek Welsman and Parish Council Chairman Mike Noble.
If you’d like to nominate someone for our next Easebourne Star Award in February 2021, please email parishclerk@easebourne.org.
And our November Community Star is…2020-11-11T17:46:39+00:00

Easebourne Park remains open

Even though we are now in Lockdown again, this time around the Government guidelines allow Parks and playgrounds to remain open.

However, social distancing must be adhered too and you must still follow the rules by not meeting up with any more than 1 person from outside of your household, even outside.

Please continue to take extra care when using the play equipment and wash or antibac hands after touching anything and before touching your face.

Thanks to Emma Chapman for the photo.

Easebourne Park remains open2020-11-06T08:33:33+00:00
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