Easebourne Park

Parish Council has ambitious plans…



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Learn how you can volunteer in your parish and read the latest updates.

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Who does what

Find out which local authority is responsible for what…

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What’s happening in and around your community…

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Planning Consultation

Latest updates and news from the planning consultation group.

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Find out what’s happening in and around your community..

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How we communicate with you, our parishioners..

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The finance committee oversee the budgets and spending of the Parish Council…

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Parish Design Statement

Read how we aim to influence future development within the Parish…

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Our goals and latest projects for the highways in Easebourne parish.

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The footpaths committee take action to investigate reports of matters…

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Winter Management

Read about the steps we are taking to be prepared for the winter and weather.

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Welcome to the Easebourne Parish Council Website

This site is regularly updated to keep Parish residents up to date on the work of the Council, the latest news and information within the Parish and to share important updates such as planning applications and scheduled meetings.

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