We’ve been asked by the Midhurst Community Hub to share the following information:

“IN TOUCH”   February 2023

The top issue discussed at the Midhurst Community Forums in May and November last year was loneliness and isolation. Connecting to people is one of the “Five Steps to Wellbeing” recommended by MIND as we all want to feel valued for who we are.

So (Keeping) “In Touch” is being set up as a telephone buddying service, whereby volunteer callers undertake to make 3 phone calls a week to people who would welcome a friendly chat.

We are now recruiting volunteer callers and would particularly welcome those in the rural parishes around Midhurst (e.g. Stedham, Rogate, Harting, Milland, Fernhurst )

There has to be some necessary admin around this to protect both the caller and the recipient of the call. So  volunteer callers are asked:

  • to complete this simple application form now
  • to sign a confidentiality form (to avoid gossiping)
  • to agree to being DBSd (safeguarding both caller and called)
  • to attend a briefing session (about Do’s and don’ts)
  • to committing to make 3 phone calls a week

We will then link volunteer callers to those wishing to hear a friendly voice each week. The calls can of course be made from home.

This is a lovely opportunity for those who may themselves not be able to get out much to make the calls ,and thereby to provide a valuable service to others. We hope to start “In Touch” calls in early April.

And thank you!

Mike Abbott, Secretary to Hub Trustees




In Touch Volunteer Caller Application Form – please fill out by visiting the link below:

Midhurst Community Hub In Touch Volunteers Leaflet






Telephone number:


Please tell us something about yourself and your interests in the box below so we can roughly match you to the person called.(Continue overleaf if needed).



Please return this form asap

by email: admin@midhurstcommunityhub.co.uk

by post: Midhurst Community Hub, St Ann’s Hall, St Anne’s Hill, Midhurst, GU29 9NN

Next step? We will then contact you – by phone!

Any questions? Phone Mike Abbott at the Hub on 01730-770403

Confidentiality: Your details will be stored on our database solely for this purpose. You can request their removal at any time in accordance with our Data protection (GDPR) policy.


Midhurst Community Hub In Touch Volunteers Leaflet