As part of the Communications and Volunteering Committee, the Parish Council aims to carry out a number of volunteer projects in the village during the year. Activities can be carried out by a volunteer party either with the support and help of West Sussex or on our own. Volunteering will become more and more important for us local council budgets continue to be squeezed and Parishes need to find ways of doing things that might previously have been done by the County or District teams.

We are always keen to hear from you if you are interested in joining the volunteer list for current or future projects. If you can help, please get in touch!


Carol Cantlon (Chairman)

Ian Milne

Mike Noble

David Pack

Emma Chapman

Complete the form below with your contact details and what you are interested in volunteering in. We will let you know next time there is a community volunteering project.

Select (required) to confirm we can retain your Name, Phone Number and eMail address on file. We will only use your contact details in relation to future volunteering projects. We will not share, sell or pass on your contact details to anyone other than in relation to an event you accept to volunteer for.


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Join the Green Volunteers this Saturday 27th February

The Green Volunteers are back in the village again this coming Saturday, 27th February – this time working from Budgenor Lodge and clearing the paths heading both north and south from there.

Last week the team cleared leaves and cut back overgrown vegetation along High Path, from the bottom of Hollist Lane to Dodsley Grove.

As always, volunteers will be given tasks that enable social distancing to be followed, please bring your own gloves but all other equipment will be provided. For this session we will be meeting at the entrance to Budgenor Lodge from 8am on Saturday. The session will usually finish by 10.30am.

Please come along and lend a hand if you can.. many hands make light work.. but if you can’t lend a hand then the team always appreciate a cheerful hello and maybe a cake at the end of the session!

February 25th, 2021|News, Volunteering|

The Green Volunteers are BACK!

The Green Volunteers will return to the village this coming Saturday, 20th February to carry out a tidy up of the upper section of High Path.

They have been taking a break during the current lockdown but keeping a very close eye on the local stats and feel that the time is right to start their sessions again. The Government advice for the current lockdown didn’t actually prevent Volunteer Groups from continuing their work, but it was felt that taking some time off was the responsible thing to do.

As always, volunteers will be given tasks that enable social distancing to be followed, please bring your own gloves but all other equipment will be provided. For this first session of 2021 we will be meeting on the corner of Hollist Lane and Crossways, from 8.30am on Saturday. The session will usually finish by 10.30am.

Please come along and lend a hand if you can.. many hands make light work!

February 16th, 2021|News, Volunteering|

Green Volunteers are back!

The Green Volunteers will be back in Easebourne this Saturday the 5th December – this is what we hope Wheelbarrow Castle will look like after the session!

The team will be tackling the leaves and overgrown greenery along the south side of Wheelbarrow Castle. If you’ve walked Wheelbarrow Castle recently you’ll know there’s a lot to clear, so we would be extremely grateful for some extra pairs of hands!

Meet on the eastern corner of Wheelbarrow Castle from 8.00am, all tools are providing but please bring your own garden gloves. The team usually finish by 10.30am at the latest and you’re welcome to join us then for a celebratory muffin! It’s a great way to start your weekend, by joining this hardworking and dedicated team and giving something back to your community.

If you ‘d like any further details please contact Sharon, our Parish Clerk or Graham from the Green Volunteers on grahampooley.gp@gmail.com.

December 3rd, 2020|News, Volunteering|

Green volunteer update…

Last Saturday, 7th November, the Green Volunteers worked so hard that they trimmed, raked, swept and tidied the whole of High Path in one session – they worked so fast there wasn’t even time for a photo! (Library pic above!)

This type of volunteer activity is still allowed in Lockdown, so this coming Saturday 14th November there’s a bonus opportunity to get involved in a different part of the village.

Meeting from at 8.30am on the corner of Egmont Road and Easebourne Lane, the team will be trimming and sweeping along the paths, in both directions, as far as they in the time that they have! They finish by 10.30am.

Last weeks effort was down to a great team of volunteers – it proves that more hands really do make light work. So please think about taking your daily exercise early this Saturday and doing something really worthwhile at the same time!

Just bring yourself and some gardening gloves. Everything else is provided.

November 11th, 2020|News, Volunteering|

Join the Midhurst Green Volunteers…

The amazing Midhurst Volunteers are back in Easebourne this coming Saturday, 7th November, once again tackling the infamous High Path! This often used route to Midhurst will be getting a trim, a tidy and a sweep.. and we’d love some extra pairs of hands.

Meeting at the Northern end, at the entrance to the Rother sports field, come along from 8am until around 10am. All equipment provided but please bring your own gloves. The long term forecast is for good weather and the team will be spread along the path, working at appropriate distances from each other.

We’re incredibly lucky that this dedicated team of volunteers, most of whom don’t even live in the village, come back time and time again to make where we live a cleaner, tidier place. Please show them some support and come along to lend a hand.


November 1st, 2020|Footpaths, News, Volunteering|

Could you become a Parish Councillor?

Have you ever thought of becoming a Parish Councillor? If so would you like to find out more about what’s involved and what a difference you can make to your community?

We have several vacancies on the Council and lots of opportunities for the right person to get involved in some exciting ongoing projects and to help shape the future of the Parish. Whether your interest is in Easebourne Park, our highways, local planning decisions or how we manage our finances, there is plenty to get your teeth stuck into!

You don’t need to have any specific experience in a similar role. It’s more important to be passionate about your community, have a willingness to get involved and have spare time to help make things happen. As a Council we meet 6 times a year (by Zoom at the moment of course) and then depending on what areas you get involved in there would be other project or committee specific meetings in between.

Being a Councillor really isn’t anything like you might expect. It’s not like The Vicar of Dibley 😉 If you’d like to find out more and have a chat about what’s involved, in the first instance please get in touch with Sharon, our Parish Clerk by emailing parishclerk@easebourne.org

October 29th, 2020|Communications, News, Volunteering|
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