The Parish Council aims to encourage volunteering within the community and supports a number of groups, events and projects during the year. Volunteering continues to become more and more important as District Council budgets continue to be squeezed and Parishes need to find ways of doing things that might previously have been done by the County or District teams.

There are two active volunteering groups within our local community, the Friends of Easebourne Parish (FrEP) and the Midhurst Green Volunteers. Both these groups do tremendous work in keeping parts of our Parish tidy, well maintained and clear of overgrowing vegetation.

To find out more about the Friends of Easebourne Parish, please contact frepsec@btinternet.com and to contact the Midhurst Green Volunteers visit their website www.midhurstgreenvolunteers.co.uk  

You can also contact the Parish Council to register your interest in either of these fantastic groups and we can pass on your details.


Janet Charlesworth

Ian Milne

Mike Noble

Judith Macdonald-Lawson

David Pack

Complete the form below with your contact details and what you are interested in volunteering for. If you would like us to share your details with either FrEP or the Midhurst Green Volunteers please state that you give us permission to do so.

Select (required) to confirm we can retain your Name, Phone Number and eMail address on file. We will only use your contact details in relation to future volunteering projects. We will not share, sell or pass on your contact details to anyone other than in relation to an event you accept to volunteer for.

Friends of Easebourne Parish (FrEP) are now on social media!

The amazing FrEP team of volunteers are now on Instagram and Facebook! Search Friends of Easebourne Parish and follow them to see what they’ve been up to, out and about in the village tidying up, cutting back hedges, trimming verges, looking after our planters, picking litter.. the list goes on!

If you’d like to get involved in volunteering to help keep your community clean and tidy this year, please get in touch with frepsec@btinternet.com to register your interest or send them a message on their new social media pages!

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New Initiative to launch: Midhurst Community Hub

New Initiative to launch: Midhurst Community Hub

Midhurst Community Hub is a new start -up venture for the town and its surrounding area.

The Hub is a one-stop-shop advice centre which will provide convenient, face to face services for local people. The Hub will have the ability to reach out to other organisations if required to meet the client’s needs. It will be partnering with agencies that have expertise in relation to: food/energy poverty, debt/benefits and financial management issues, housing/maintenance issues, employment/skills needs, relationship/family issues, health/depression/loneliness, addictions, transport problems.

The Hub will be staffed by volunteers and will be based in the Library at the Grange centre. It is planned to be fully operational by late November, opening on Monday afternoons and Saturday mornings. It will also be accessible as a website and by a single phone number.

If you are interested in volunteering or helping in any way please contact:

The Hub secretary/administrator: Mike Abbott

Email: mike.abbott49@gmail.com

Mob: 07758 581208

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New Speedwatch Group

If you’ve not already heard, a new Easebourne Community Speedwatch group has been established in the village and they are looking for volunteers to help increase awareness of speed limits and make our village safer.

To find out more, please find them on Facebook by searching ‘Easebourne Community Speedwatch Group’ or by emailing Michael on easebournespeedwatch@gmail.com.

There’s an introductory meeting this Thursday, 8th September at 7pm in the Primary School, where the local Police Officer responsible for the Speedwatch initiative will be on hand to explain more and demonstrate the latest equipment. Please let Michael know if you would like to attend.


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