Here is the latest update we’ve seen. Please take note of the highways signage that’s been put in place to try to inform and ease the flow of traffic on the surrounding routes. It’s designed to help everyone.
From WSCC –
“We await the structural engineers report and there is a Recovery Group meeting tomorrow which will consider the next steps.
The one way plug at Hollist Lane is still in place but we are receiving reports of people ignoring it. We have reviewed the signage to ensure there is no confusion regarding the closure and will be removing a couple of signs regarding the suitability of the road for HGVs.
We have considered the installation of a one way plug along Selham Road but have not progressed it today as we believe people are likely to ignore it or will end up using roads further south instead. This decision will be reviewed again tomorrow once we have been able to make an assessment of current condition of lanes people could use south of Selham Road. In the interim, we have implemented a one way plug to prevent people from travelling north from South Ambersham to join the A272. Instead they will be directed to the more suitable junction at Halfway Bridge.
The ‘find and fix’ gang has been in the area today and will be focussing on the routes being used as rat runs throughout the rest of the week. Our Highway Steward has also been in the area today and has put back up the signs that had fallen over in the wind over the weekend, he has also raised works to fill some potholes that have appeared over the weekend and also inspected the damage that has been done to the edge of the carriageway along Selham Road. Works to the edge of the carriageway will be organised as soon as possible.
Finally, we will reviewing if there is further signage that can be placed along the diversion route to discourage people following their satnavs.”