Midhurst Update – 27th March

Here is the latest update we’ve seen. Please take note of the highways signage that’s been put in place to try to inform and ease the flow of traffic on the surrounding routes. It’s designed to help everyone.
From WSCC –
“We await the structural engineers report and there is a Recovery Group meeting tomorrow which will consider the next steps.
The one way plug at Hollist Lane is still in place but we are receiving reports of people ignoring it. We have reviewed the signage to ensure there is no confusion regarding the closure and will be removing a couple of signs regarding the suitability of the road for HGVs.
We have considered the installation of a one way plug along Selham Road but have not progressed it today as we believe people are likely to ignore it or will end up using roads further south instead. This decision will be reviewed again tomorrow once we have been able to make an assessment of current condition of lanes people could use south of Selham Road. In the interim, we have implemented a one way plug to prevent people from travelling north from South Ambersham to join the A272. Instead they will be directed to the more suitable junction at Halfway Bridge.
The ‘find and fix’ gang has been in the area today and will be focussing on the routes being used as rat runs throughout the rest of the week. Our Highway Steward has also been in the area today and has put back up the signs that had fallen over in the wind over the weekend, he has also raised works to fill some potholes that have appeared over the weekend and also inspected the damage that has been done to the edge of the carriageway along Selham Road. Works to the edge of the carriageway will be organised as soon as possible.
Finally, we will reviewing if there is further signage that can be placed along the diversion route to discourage people following their satnavs.”
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Further update from Tom Richardson 24th March @ 5.30pm

From Tom Richardson – County Councillor
“The Midhurst Recovery Group has had its third meeting today. The Structural Engineers report is due next week on Tuesday. The recovery group is meeting again on Tuesday afternoon and will be putting out a much more definitive statement.
The Variable Message Signs (placed yesterday in Petersfield, Chichester, Petworth and a couple of other locations) and the One Way plug have all been reported as being reasonably effective, although we are aware this a recent development so will require a longer period to bed in. This information has not reached Google / Sat Nav companies yet so it is not quite as effective yet as it will be, but reports are that Hollist Lane is significantly improved.
We have received a request for a similar one way restriction to the south of the A272 (Ambersham/West Lavington area). This is significantly more complex due to conflicts in the diversion route at key decision points and multiple access points. Officers will review this but initial thoughts are that this will be too difficult to implement without causing significant confusion.
It has been noted that there has been some abuse of the gates in the Herras fencing on North Street, however it is believed that the value in keeping these open to the emergency services supersedes the benefit in closing them off. This was previously unlocked and this will now be replaced by a key code padlock.
From next week we will be operating a “find and fix” pothole gang. We have instructed them to focus on Topleigh / Polecats (road between A285 & A286 at Graffam), Selham Road – Lodsworth, Selham Road West Lavington, Hollist Lane – Woolbeding / Easebourne and Woolbeding Lane – Woolbeding. This should significantly reduce the number of live potholes and assist in keeping the roads reasonably safe. Larger scale work will be planned once Midhurst reopens to traffic. Some potholes in Redford have been repaired today and others will be repaired next week.”
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Midhurst update 24th March

MIDHURST UPDATE from Tom Richardson, County Councillor – as of Thursday 23rd.
“I have just received the following update from highways:
We have designed the one way plug and diversion route for the junction of Eastshaw Lane and Brambling Lane. The restriction will prevent vehicles entering Eastshaw Lane and then travelling against the dominant west bound flow in Hollist Lane. The restriction will be picked up by google maps / Sat Navs and should discourage the majority of motorists from heading into Woolbeding as Sat Navs can currently instruct that this is a good route. The plug will be implemented by close of play on Friday 24.3.23 and we will monitor the success of this by site visits and feedback from the public and may make further amendments if appropriate. We are also reviewing wider planned works in the area to ensure they don’t cause further disruption.
A number of agencies met on site with the various representatives acting for the owner of Angel Inn today, including a Structural Engineer. We are now waiting for the report to come back from the Structural Engineer so that a decision on the most appropriate course of action can be taken.
We have received confirmation that some shops had been instructed by the landowner’s structural engineer who advised two adjacent businesses to vacate (which we believe to be for 10 days) because of the risk of collapse of a flank wall of the Angel Inn. The 2 businesses affected are the Henry Adams Estate Agents and Serenity Beauty.
We do note that some of the more minor parts of the local road network are not standing up to the increase in traffic as well as we would like. We are increasing our targeted inspections in this area and we are also regularly reviewing works in the area to reduce disruption as much as possible. We will try and be as sympathetic as possible with any essential traffic management to make the roads safe, however the current conditions are very challenging and the roads must be safe for the public. We will look at larger repairs / schemes once the main road is open again.
The Midhurst Recovery Group has its third meeting tomorrow afternoon.”
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Midhurst update 22nd March

Signage and diversion route

We understand that additional and improved signage will be in place imminently to try to warn people of the ongoing closure of North Street from further afield, as well as on the local roads.

Local roads continue to be heavily used and are at times extremely congested. If you have to use local lanes please be aware that some are also being used by pedestrians and other drivers may be less familiar with the lanes than local residents.

Useful updates continue to be posted regularly on the websites and social media of WSCC, CDC, Midhurst Town Council, WSCC Highways and our local County Councillor, Tom Richardson.

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Midhurst Fire update 17th March

For latest information about the closure of North Street and affected businesses, please check the following websites and social media:

West Sussex County Council – News – West Sussex County Council

Chichester District Council website –  News: Chichester District Council

You can also follow Chichester District council. WSCC and WSCC Highways on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – they will post updates when they have them.



West Sussex Highways (@WSHighways) / Twitter

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Parish Design Statement officially adopted by SDNPA

We are very pleased to be able to confirm that on 9 February 2023 the South Downs National Park Authority adopted the Easebourne Parish Design Statement as a Supplementary Planning Document (SDP).

This document sets out a framework of guidelines and principals relating to design matters against which future planning applications will be assessed. The Parish Council would like to thank the volunteers who worked so hard on this project over the last 3 years: without their persistence and determined endeavours, nothing would have been achieved.

You can download the adopted document here:

Parish Design Statement officially adopted by SDNPA2023-03-14T18:49:17+00:00

Permanent toilets for Easebourne Park

Following on from the very successful trial of a temporary toilet placed in Easebourne Park over the summer school holidays last year, the Parish Council have now confirmed a contract with NatSol, an established and respected national eco-loo company, for the construction and installation of two permanent off-grid eco toilets.
These two toilets will be serviced daily by Wettons personnel and will be open during the hours of daylight and during the months when the Park is most used. They will be constructed of sustainable wood with a reinforced lining and with wooden shingle tile roofs. The wood for the roofs has been kindly donated by Cowdray Estate. The project to supply and build them has been entirely funded by local authority grants, applied for and won by the Parish Council, plus private donations and the National Lottery.
The installation by local company Artizans of Wood, constructors of the Park’s Roundhouse, will commence immediately after the school Easter holidays. However, to ensure that toilet facilities are available to cover the Easter break, a temporary toilet will be installed until the permanent toilets are commissioned.  This loo will also be serviced daily.
We’ll add further updates as this exciting project begins!
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Become the Editor of your Community Magazine!

United Easebourne Magazine are looking for a new Editor to take over the role of pulling together this community focussed magazine from July 2023 onwards.

Tina and Gavin, the current editors have been doing the role as volunteers for the last 7 years but feel it’s time for someone else to take on the challenge! It’s a very rewarding role, sharing news and stories about what’s happening in our community, its people and its businesses.

Tina tells us it takes around 3 days in a month, split over the month of course and is all done from home. It doesn’t have to be done by one person, so maybe it’s something you think you could share with someone? If being an editor or roving reporter is something you’ve always fancied having a go at then maybe this is your opportunity!

To find out more and to have a chat about what’s involved, please get in touch with us by email or phone.

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