Parish Councillors

Trevor Baker
Trevor BakerFinance Committee, Footpaths, Planning Committee, Wheelbarrow Castle Field Working Group
Jose Galego
Jose GalegoWinter Management and Emergencies and Highways
Holly Grantham
Holly Grantham Chairman, Communications Chair, Planning Committee Chair, Finance Committee, Volunteering Chair and Wheelbarrow Castle Field Working Group
Andrew Guyatt
Andrew GuyattKing Edward Liaison
John Hines
John HinesFinance Committee, Planning Committee, Highways Working Party
Astrid Keeling
Astrid KeelingPlanning Committee, Footpaths Chair, Wheelbarrow Castle Field Working Group
Darren King
Darren KingFinance Committee Chair, Planning Committee, Communications
Stephen Lloyd
Stephen LloydFinance Committee
Ian Milne
Ian MilneField Committee working party Chair
Mike Noble
Mike NobleVice-Chairman, Communications, Highways Working Party Chair, Wheelbarrow Castle Field Working Group, Volunteering, Midhurst Town Council Liaison
David Pack
David PackKing Edward VII Liaison Chair, Planning Committee
David Bradford
David BradfordCounty Councillor
Francis Hobbs
Francis HobbsChichester District Councillor