Much to our excitement, the Wildwood team has arrived and is starting work. These innovative wild natural play dens and trails will be one of the unique highlights of the Park. i attach a short piece from the Wildwood site which nicely paraphrases why the Easebourne Parish Council selected Wildwood.


Have you ever known a child that doesn’t like to climb trees or balance on a fallen tree trunk? Most children and most grown-ups can’t resist it. There’s excitement, there’s nature, there’s trepidation but confidence, there’s also a bit of risk. We think all this is key to healthy human development and it allows children to feel wild and free. With natural play, there are no preconceived ideas about what play is and this allows children to use their imagination more than they would with conventional play equipment that’s largely designed for a single activity.

Our nature play recipe is simple, we take the natural attraction that children have for climbing on tree trunks and we use our ecological and design expertise to create wild natural play areas. These are full of opportunities for natural exploration and they’re made from natural materials and change with the seasons. The natural oak tree trunks attract wildlife for the children to discover whilst they’re playing. Our play areas have natural ‘wow’ factor compared to conventional play equipment. The finishing touch with our designs is to carve local distinctiveness into the surface of the timber. The subtle carvings are left unlabelled like a secret code that encourages the children to think about their local community, local history and nature.”  Of note, the carving designs are being produced by the children of Easebourne Primary School and Conifers School.

The image below is representative of a Wildwood Den, 2 of which will be constructed in Easebourne Park, together with 2 Wildwood Trails.

Lawrence of……………………….. not Arabia, but Wildwood!

Wildwood tele-handler, used for the transport and manipulation of the oak logs.