Welcome to Easebourne Park

Easebourne Park was officially opened in September 2018 and is located right in the heart of Easebourne Parish. It was designed to sit in complete harmony within it’s National Park surroundings and was made possible with the help of numerous donations and grants from local businesses, charities and organisations. The Park has been incredibly well received by our community and the Parish Council have further plans to enhance the space when funds are available.

The Park can be accessed in a number of ways. Access on foot can be via the Primary School, the footpath at the eastern end of Wheelbarrow Castle or via the burial ground or allotments. Parking is available through the main school entrance, which remains open 24/7.

Dogs are allowed in the Park all year but please be considerate towards other Park visitors and keep your dog on a lead when you’re close to play equipment and around small children. Please remember to pick up after your dog – there are free poo bags at the footpath and car park entrances.