We understand from the Midhurst Vision Team that the feedback so far has been very positive but the more people who complete the very short survey the better – it is literally only 3 questions. The number of respondents may influence if/how much funding is available to make some of these proposals a reality.

• Please fill in the survey yourself if you haven’t already – it only takes 5 minutes
• Please email your friends and colleagues who live/work in or Midhurst or Easebourne or just visit Midhurst to do it too
• If you use social media please like/share posts from @midhurstvision or post the direct link to the online survey https://hooli-ltd.surveysparrow.com/s/midhurst-vision-consultation-oct-2022/tt-7456ad5b67
• If your own organisation/company has a website or database please share this request or email it to your staff