Message from our District Councillor

Please see below a message from Francis Hobbs, our District Councillor:

Hello everyone. I realise these are unprecedented times and it will take a while for all the information and actions to settle as we find a new way of managing over the coming months.

I wanted to assure all those who follow me, particularly locally, that the County and District Councils are working hard to bring together plans to support all in our community in line with Government direction. There are continuous meetings and we will be given central advice and direction soon.

With things moving so fast I realise there are several local initiatives already in play with very kind residents offering support via various networking groups.

I know all my parishes, Heyshott, Lodsworth and Easebourne already have immediate plans in place to support those who cannot or should not go out to buy food and other necessities. If you feel isolated and need to be pointed in the right direction please let me know.

I am particularly conscious that cash flow in many local establishments and businesses will now be a significant issue. I would normally immediately do a round trip to check everyone is OK, but I’m sure you will understand that may be unwise. Similarly, many in the private rented sector will be feeling particularly vulnerable. Should you think I can help in any way to highlight a specific issue please let me know, either through this or contact me privately.

I will provide a update when there is anything useful to add. Above all please simply look out for anyone who would normally keep themselves to themselves and ensure they know someone is there to help them if needed.

Many thanks.


District Councillor, Easebourne, Petworth and Heyshott