We know that many people in our community love The Roundhouse and think it is a wonderful addition to our Park. Sadly a few others seem to think differently and we are seeing some very antisocial behaviour in and around it, with groups of teenagers gathering there, smoking, drinking and leaving litter behind them.
This morning that included smashed beer and spirit bottles, not just inside, but on the grass, with shards of glass pushed between the floorboards and even thrown into the nearby Dens. It seems a very deliberate attempt to cause others harm, clearly a huge risk to anyone using the Park, particularly children and pets who could be treading on glass without seeing it.
Once again we will increase the number of visits that our security patrols make to the Park, at an additional cost to everyone in the Parish. Unfortunately we don’t have a contract with a cleaning company, so when this happens we rely on councillors cleaning up the mess or other Park users who are prepared to do the same, in order that they, their children and their pets can safely enjoy the space.
If we need to look at a cleaning contract in the future then again this will be at an additional cost to the Parish Council. We are also now looking at other ways of increasing the security of the Park and identifying those who engage in what is effectively criminal activity. Ultimately any action we take will mean we have less funding for future additions to the Park and could result in an increase in future council tax demands. It’s incredibly sad to think that the behaviour of a few will effect the future enjoyment of the Park for so many.
If you have any knowledge about who is mistreating The Roundhouse or suspect you know any of the culprits, please help us to get this under control so we can get back to focusing on the next positive additions to the Park rather than spending time, effort and money on only the negative things.