We had a team of 6 volunteers from the village this morning along with another 6 from the Midhurst Green Volunteers to tackle the 2nd part of High Path. A huge amount of greenery was cut back, leaves cleared and edges re-discovered, resulting in a path that’s now at least twice the width as it was in places! A massive thank you to all those involved!

We’re going to be returning to the same spot a week today, Saturday 1st February to do the final clearance, so please feel free to pop along and lend a hand. Please note that next Saturday was going to be the first phase of working on Wheelbarrow Castle but this will now start on Saturday 8th February.

All the dates for all volunteer sessions are available here:

Green Volunteering diary

It’s important that it’s not just Easebourne sessions that villagers volunteer for. We really need to help with Midhurst sessions too if we are to retain the invaluable help of the Green Volunteers in the long term. All sessions are no more than 2 hours and it’s a great team to work with, so please consider joining if you can!