The Parish Council has had reports of large groups of teenagers gathering in the brand new Easebourne Park Roundhouse and the school car park at the end of last week, intimidating other Park visitors and leaving behind litter and cigarette ends.
Whilst the lockdown rules have been slightly eased and people can spend more time outside, social distancing is still crucial if we are to control Covid-19.  These incidents of failing to adhere to social distancing have been reported to the Police and we will be increasing the number of visits made by our security team as a result.

If you know any of those involved or see any future incidents of large groups, we would encourage you to report it immediately to our local security team, Protec, on 01730 810001. Their number can also be found on notices around the perimeter of the Park. They are based locally and can respond within minutes, 24/7. Please also follow up that report with an email if possible to
Not only is this not fair on everyone else who is observing social distancing to help stop the spread of Covid-19, but extra security patrols have a financial impact on the Parish and therefore reduce funds for what else we might be able to achieve in the Park.