The Green Volunteers will be back in Easebourne this Saturday the 5th December – this is what we hope Wheelbarrow Castle will look like after the session!

The team will be tackling the leaves and overgrown greenery along the south side of Wheelbarrow Castle. If you’ve walked Wheelbarrow Castle recently you’ll know there’s a lot to clear, so we would be extremely grateful for some extra pairs of hands!

Meet on the eastern corner of Wheelbarrow Castle from 8.00am, all tools are providing but please bring your own garden gloves. The team usually finish by 10.30am at the latest and you’re welcome to join us then for a celebratory muffin! It’s a great way to start your weekend, by joining this hardworking and dedicated team and giving something back to your community.

If you ‘d like any further details please contact Sharon, our Parish Clerk or Graham from the Green Volunteers on