We’re delighted that approval has been given for a scooter track alongside the path between the play area and the Pond. We expect construction to take place during October.
As well as being a fun place to play for the under 12’s, the track will also have educational road markings. It will be made with a green slip-proof surface in tarmac for durability. The multi-route design will have a few gentle undulations and a mini roundabout for interest.
A local business, Playsafe Playgrounds, has been contracted to do the work.
When we designed Easebourne Park it was always the intention of the Parish Council to have a scooter track. Only now have we had the funding thanks to a Community Infrastructure Levy grant (CIL funding) from South Downs National Park Authority.
We look forward to sharing photographs in due course; in the meantime, take a look at the design images. We hope you agree it will be a fantastic addition to the play park.