From Tom Richardson – County Councillor
“The Midhurst Recovery Group has had its third meeting today. The Structural Engineers report is due next week on Tuesday. The recovery group is meeting again on Tuesday afternoon and will be putting out a much more definitive statement.
The Variable Message Signs (placed yesterday in Petersfield, Chichester, Petworth and a couple of other locations) and the One Way plug have all been reported as being reasonably effective, although we are aware this a recent development so will require a longer period to bed in. This information has not reached Google / Sat Nav companies yet so it is not quite as effective yet as it will be, but reports are that Hollist Lane is significantly improved.
We have received a request for a similar one way restriction to the south of the A272 (Ambersham/West Lavington area). This is significantly more complex due to conflicts in the diversion route at key decision points and multiple access points. Officers will review this but initial thoughts are that this will be too difficult to implement without causing significant confusion.
It has been noted that there has been some abuse of the gates in the Herras fencing on North Street, however it is believed that the value in keeping these open to the emergency services supersedes the benefit in closing them off. This was previously unlocked and this will now be replaced by a key code padlock.
From next week we will be operating a “find and fix” pothole gang. We have instructed them to focus on Topleigh / Polecats (road between A285 & A286 at Graffam), Selham Road – Lodsworth, Selham Road West Lavington, Hollist Lane – Woolbeding / Easebourne and Woolbeding Lane – Woolbeding. This should significantly reduce the number of live potholes and assist in keeping the roads reasonably safe. Larger scale work will be planned once Midhurst reopens to traffic. Some potholes in Redford have been repaired today and others will be repaired next week.”