The flooding that happened in Easebourne over the weekend was one of the worst events we’ve experienced and we would like to take this opportunity just to briefly explain why it happened and what’s happening to try to prevent it in the future.

Normally, the River Ez that flows past the White Horse Pub, enters a culvert and flows mostly underground until it reappears again at the back of the Conifers sports field. It should run through the fields and discharge into the River Rother downstream of the North Mill. The culvert is known to be damaged, and possibly undersized, resulting in the River Ez bursting out of the culvert and taking a new route flowing almost entirely through the streets.

We are working with the landowners effected and various Councils, investigating whether the culvert can be replaced. Until then, we regret that similar flood events might be possible and advise anyone in a vulnerable situation or at risk from flooding to take necessary precautions.

As soon as we have more information we’ll share on this website and on Facebook.