Essential drainage groundworks start

The former sports field was only fully usable in the summer months due to a tendency to becoming waterlogged during the wetter months, resulting in a large portion of the field becoming unusable.  thus, the first practical works required was to insert land drains to ensure ground water flowed away from the north east section of the field into an area where the pond will be placed. this work was contracted to PB Groundworks, a local contractor, who completed the work in under 5 working days.  First the site had to be fully fenced off to ensure public safety.

Fencing sourced and erected by Playsafe Playgrounds, one of the 3 main contractors for Easebourne Park.

Extensive drainage almost complete.

Phil of PB Groundworks – one of the 3 main contractors, who will return to complete the perimeter paths in August once the play equipment installed.