UPDATE 23rd November – after further investigation it’s clear that this was a deliberate act of vandalism and the Police have now been informed. Vandalism in all its forms is unacceptable but to deliberately remove and discard a piece of life saving equipment is beyond disgusting. This act could have resulted and could still result in a person who needs access to this device in order to save their life being unable to use it. 

If you have any information about who was responsible for this please contact the Police or the Parish Council. If you live in the vicinity of the phone box and heard anything or have an potential CCTV footage, please also get in touch. 

It was reported to us this morning, Saturday 21st November, that the defibrillator housed inside the telephone box near Egmont Road was found on High Path. The jacket that protects it was missing and the pads had been ripped.

It doesn’t appear to have been used but until it can be checked this lifesaving piece of equipment is unfortunately out of action. The necessary authorities are being informed.

If anyone has any information about this incident we’d really appreciate it if this could be shared with the Parish Council by calling or emailing parishclerk@easebourne.org.

Thank you