As many will know, over the last 12 months we have seen a disappointing increase in the level of mindless vandalism in Easebourne Park. This has included damage to benches, destroying young trees, smashing signs, attempts to break play equipment and damage The Roundhouse, broken glass in and around the children’s play equipment and general antisocial behaviour. Sadly, this spoils the environment for others, has made people feel uncomfortable, and it’s taking up valuable time and resources.

We need to stop this. We have today launched a GoFundMe campaign to help us raise funds to invest in CCTV cameras. This will mean we can monitor the activity of those who are abusing our community space and will help us identify those responsible and provide the Police with the evidence they need to prosecute those responsible.  You can visit the funding page here: Go Fund Me

We want to carry out the installation as soon as possible and are asking for the help of our community and those who love using the Park to pay for the equipment. Please consider donating and then share with your friends, neighbours and families.

The Park is such an amazing and unique asset for our community and it should be a place that can be enjoyed by all, not mistreated by a few.