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Easebourne Park is nearing completion!

Well, we are nearly there now.  Rubbish bins bases are being secured into the ground. The Park benches have been cleaned ready for fitting into the concrete bases. And, excitingly, the new Easebourne Park signs are ready to be fitted. Finally, the Park meandering path is nearing completion.  The official health and safety inspection is on Monday 20 August. Fingers crossed we are given a clean bill of health in time for the official opening on 1 September, where pupils from our 2 Parish schools will cut the ribbon.”

Come to Easebourne Park opening on Saturday 1st September…

A date for your diary! With work progressing well on the creation of Easebourne Park, the whole village is invited to bring a picnic to the Park and celebrate it’s official opening on Saturday 1st September between 1pm and 4pm. There will be live music, refreshments, face painters and goody bags for the children! See you there!

Due to limited parking in the school car park, families are encouraged to walk to Easebourne Park.

Important update from Velo South on 23 September Road Closures…

We have been made aware that Velo South intend on providing the below leaflet to all residents houses…


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And the double size slide is nearly finished ….weeeeeeee!

Another busy and successful week on site at Easebourne Park

Another busy and successful week on site at Easebourne Park, with the traditional play equipment on track to be completed by this weekend.  We then welcome back PB Groundworks who will start creating the 650m of meandering pathways on 6th August. The Park is really starting to look complete now; however, the signage, rubbish bins, dog bag dispensers and park benches still to be fitted.  All on track for completion and the official opening on the 1st September!

Velo South Event – 23rd September 2018

Whilst Velo South organisers CSM, extol the virtues of the event as economic, charity fund raising, health well being, county profile raising, community financial benefit, it is fair to say that this event has raised much disquiet amongst the communities directly affected by this route (route to be found on the Velo South website). WSCC is to issue Temporary Transport Restriction Orders (TTRO) which will legally close roads that form the route, legally clear any motor vehicles that are parked on the route (with or without the owners permission), and some roads that pass through villages are to be closed for more that 8 hours, although there will be some published route crossing points. These TTRO’s will come into force from midnight on 22/23 September and remain in force until the 15,000 riders pass. Considerable anger was expressed at a recent WSCC/Velo South meeting in Petworth, where the public and many parish councillors and other representatives from parishes and local communities affected by the event gathered to hear from WSCC and Velo South organisers. It was stated by many parish councillors that there had been no prior consultation with affected communities by WSCC before decisions were made to support this event.  Additionally, with just 2 months to go, little effective communication had been received by communities and individuals most affected, from the Velo South organisers, CSM. CSM is a commercial organization, which has Sebastian Coe as Executive Chairman, and states on its website, that it is a “company of entrepreneurs, knowledge seekers and business leaders from across the sport and entertainment industry”. Finally, several business owners present at the aforementioned meeting, to include Cowdray Estates, were worried about the potentially negative effect upon their businesses these road closures would have as movement across the county, and into and out of the communities inside, outside, and on the closed road route, may be severely affected.
Easebourne Parish will be fully enclosed within the Velo South route, although no Parish roads form part of that closed road route. However, if you are thinking of travelling on that day the Parish Council would encourage you to refer to this link: www.velosouth.com/ before making any plans. The Velo South Comms hot-line is 01243 935 359. Any closed road queries could be directed to Velo South on that number or on route@velosouth.com  All 15,000 places on the event have been filled; however, the organisers stated on 26 July at Petworth, that there were a few remaining places available for entries from West Sussex cycling residents.
Finally, travel disruption aside, the event should be an exciting spectacle, with 15,000 cyclists travelling at speed, along closed roads, in the most beautiful part of our county.

Wildwood UK construction complete and Playsafe Playgrounds begin work.

The Wildwood trails and dens are complete – and magnificent they look as well. The carvings submitted by pupils of the two parish primary schools have been cut into the wood and add a essential touch of local interest. Playsafe Playgrounds are on site and cracking-on with their work on the surface trampolines, slide, zip-wire and 3 sets of swings.
Once the site passes an inspection by a Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents official, we will be open for business.
The official opening is 1st September 2018 at 1.00pm – look out for your invitation soon.

Trampolines at Easebourne Park

The trampolines are under construction!

Easebourne Park Carvings

A big Thank You to all the children who created wildlife images which have been carved into the oak dens in Easebourne Park.

Postponed – Easebourne Parish Council Meeting

Please note:  Easebourne Parish Council Meeting which was due to take place on 11th July 2018 has been postponed and will now take place on 18th July 2018.