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Revised Opening Hours for Libraries

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We will soon be introducing revised winter opening hours. This will see an extension of the current opening hours at your local library, offering more opportunities for browsing, using computers and study space (where available).

The new timetable will mean that libraries in our largest communities will be open throughout the day, including over lunchtime for working customers. Families will also be able to visit after school, and every library will be open on a Saturday, for part or all of the day.

The revised winter opening hours will also provide an opportunity for us to work safely with our partners and local organisations who provide vital support in our local communities. Each library will set a day aside for “services by appointment”, so that we can continue to respond to local needs, and work with key partners, who may require a face to face venue in their local community.

Keep an eye out for our next newsletter, where we will be revealing the winter opening hours for your local library!


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Update from West Sussex County Council

Update from West Sussex County Council2020-10-23T17:56:10+01:00

60 bags of green waste!

The Midhurst Green Volunteers and 5 Easebourne villagers worked their socks off this morning, Saturday 17th October and shovelled up over 60 large bags of green waste from the footpath heading north from Budgenor Lodge. An amazing volume of waste when it’s not exactly a relaxing location to be working. It’s scary the speed that people still drive past at when they can see people wearing hi-vis and working right on the side of the road 🙁

The photos show the difference in the width of the path!

The team also strimmed and mowed the grass areas at the Hollist Lane junction and also cleared green waste from the 1st section of High Path. A fantastic team effort by a relatively few people.

It would still be amazing if more villagers could step up and give just a few hours of their time to be part of this important collaboration. Without the help of the Green Volunteers none of this work would be taking place as CDC simply do not have the resources. The same people volunteer week after week so just a few new faces would give those a break and we can still keep up with the work! Come on, it’s fun, active, Covid-secure and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside!

The team are out and about every Saturday and Tuesday – check the website for details of where they are or email parishclerk@easebourne.org. Thank you.

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Our COVID-19 alert level is Medium (Tier 1)

Our COVID-19 alert level is Medium (Tier 1)2020-10-17T12:02:50+01:00

A park with a view

Those of you who have recently visited Easebourne Park will have seen that the Parish Council has now had the giant conifers removed from the bottom corner. We hope you agree it has opened up the view beautifully. It’s also created more light for allotment holders closest to that corner of the park.
Local tree surgery experts, Arborlec Services Ltd have done a great job felling the trees and clearing up with minimal damage to the grass surface. Several substantial stumps have been left as we look into commissioning nature sculptures.
Now that this corner of the Park has been opened up we’re looking into creating a “Carbon Corner”. The idea is that any resident wishing to offset their carbon emissions, say due to their flight activity, can donate funds towards the creation of a small orchard, with fruit trees more appropriate to this part of Sussex. Indeed, we’ve already received our first generous donation.   If you want to donate to Carbon Corner please contact the Clerk at parishclerk@easebourne.org. 
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