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A park with a view

Those of you who have recently visited Easebourne Park will have seen that the Parish Council has now had the giant conifers removed from the bottom corner. We hope you agree it has opened up the view beautifully. It’s also created more light for allotment holders closest to that corner of the park.
Local tree surgery experts, Arborlec Services Ltd have done a great job felling the trees and clearing up with minimal damage to the grass surface. Several substantial stumps have been left as we look into commissioning nature sculptures.
Now that this corner of the Park has been opened up we’re looking into creating a “Carbon Corner”. The idea is that any resident wishing to offset their carbon emissions, say due to their flight activity, can donate funds towards the creation of a small orchard, with fruit trees more appropriate to this part of Sussex. Indeed, we’ve already received our first generous donation.   If you want to donate to Carbon Corner please contact the Clerk at parishclerk@easebourne.org. 
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Scooter track construction begins 29th/30th September

Further to our recent announcement, we can now confirm that construction of the Scooter track in Easebourne Park is scheduled to begin this week, on Tuesday 29th or Wednesday 30th September. It’s expected to take just 1 week, although the schedule could be subject to change if the weather turns.
As well as being a fun place to play for the under 12’s, the track will also have educational road markings. It will be made with a green slip-proof surface in tarmac for durability. The multi-route design will have a few gentle undulations and a mini roundabout for interest.
A local business, Playsafe Playgrounds, who have created much of the Parks current play equipment will be carrying out the work.
We expect disruption will be minimal, but please be aware that vehicles and equipment will be accessing the Park over this time and keep clear of the area where the work is taking place. The contractor will be avoiding any vehicle movements to and from the Park during school drop off and collection times.
If you have any queries please contact our Parish Clerk on parishclerk@easebourne.org 
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Green light for under 12’s scooter track in Easebourne Park

We’re delighted that approval has been given for a scooter track alongside the path between the play area and the Pond. We expect construction to take place during October.
As well as being a fun place to play for the under 12’s, the track will also have educational road markings. It will be made with a green slip-proof surface in tarmac for durability. The multi-route design will have a few gentle undulations and a mini roundabout for interest.
A local business, Playsafe Playgrounds, has been contracted to do the work.
When we designed Easebourne Park it was always the intention of the Parish Council to have a scooter track. Only now have we had the funding thanks to a Community Infrastructure Levy grant (CIL funding) from South Downs National Park Authority.
We look forward to sharing photographs in due course; in the meantime, take a look at the design images. We hope you agree it will be a fantastic addition to the play park.
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Tree felling in Easebourne Park Monday 21st September

The big feral conifers at the far corner of Easebourne Park, separating the park from the cemetery and the allotments, are being felled and removed week commencing 21 September. This long-planned work has been coordinated with the County Council, South Downs National Park, Cowdray, St Mary’s Church and the allotment authorities. It will open up the vista and create more light for Park users, Birthday House residents and many allotment holders.
We’re hoping to have several of the larger stumps left 10 feet above the ground for future carving. In time, the conifers will be replaced with native trees, plans for which we will share in future.
The park and play area will continue to be open for people to use away from the area of works. The contractors will be on site for a week.
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Easebourne Park CCTV to be installed as gofundme campaign closes

We’re very pleased to announce that Easebourne Park’s CCTV installation is due to take place on Thursday 3 September following our successful fundraising campaign.
A very big thank you to everyone who contributed and made it possible. We’ve raised £2600 thanks to the generosity of a significant number of private donors and local organisations, including Easebourne United Parish Magazine, Midhurst WI and the Lions Club of Midhurst. The Parish Council will divert budget from other activity to make up the shortfall.
It is a real shame we have to resort to this but Easebourne Park is a beloved local asset that deserves protecting. We hope that the CCTV will stop any future incidence of petty vandalism, but if it doesn’t we will have evidence we can share with the Police to pursue those responsible.
Thank you again to all those who have risen to the challenge and helped to make this project possible.
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See-saw out of action

You may have noticed that the see-saw has been padlocked to prevent it’s use. Please be assured that this was done by the Parish Council and was not an act of vandalism. Unfortunately the notices that were placed on the equipment were removed by someone and the padlock has now been damaged by someone trying to force it open, so sadly not completely vandal free and another expense for the council.

The see-saw will be back in use as soon as possible but in the meantime we apologise for any inconvenience.


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CCTV funding update

A massive thank you to everyone who has so generously donated money towards CCTV for Easebourne Park. As at Monday 24 August we’ve raised over £1600, plus we have received 2 very generous direct donations from the Midhurst Lions and the WI, adding a further £700 to the total. So with over £2300 raised so far this goes a long way towards funding the equipment. We really appreciate all of the community support we have received since launching the campaign on the 28th July.

As a result of this uplifting community contribution, the installation has now been scheduled for early September and we will be closing our campaign this Friday 28 August.

Meantime we remain open for last minute donations and you can find our campaign on GoFundMe at https://www.gofundme.com/manage/protect-easebourne-park-with-cctv.
Thank you again to everyone who has donated and made this project a reality.
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Can you help protect our Park?

Our Go Fund Me campaign is still live and attracting new donations from people who want to help us protect our much loved community space from vandalism.

We’ve seen a number of pointless and sometimes dangerous acts of vandalism in recent months, all of which take time and council money (which is your money) to put right. Antisocial behaviour means some people feel uncomfortable using the Park as it’s intended – a green, open space for the whole community to enjoy – something which is even more important at the moment. It’s such a shame that a bored few are spoiling it for the many.

You can now simply scan this QR code to be taken straight to the page where you can donate. If you feel like you want to help, any amount is welcome and will be appreciated by everyone who loves the Park. To access the funding page on your PC you can click here.

Meanwhile, the names of several local lads who have been recognised in the Park have been passed to the Police and Rother College for investigation. The proposed CCTV system will capture any future incidents and images will be passed to the Police to enable them to prosecute those responsible.

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New Dog Policy for the Park

Dogs on leads in Easebourne Park
All dogs will be expected to be on a lead at all times in Easebourne Park following a decision by the Parish Council at their meeting on Monday 27 July.
The decision comes as the facilities at the park expand and we look to encourage more and more families to use this wonderful space.
As well as ensuring dogs are under control, we also hope this will stop the incidence of dog mess being left on the ground. With plenty of bins and free poo bags available there is no excuse for it not to be cleared up.

Signs will be put up at the different entrances to the park to politely remind people of this new policy.
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