Wheelbarrow Castle Field

The Roundhouse Roof!

The Parish Council team are busy watering the new Roundhouse sedum roof at the moment, which as you can imagine is not an easy task! However on the plus side, when you get up close to the sedum you really begin to appreciate how beautiful it is!

Once established, the sedum will be extremely low maintenance and it really helps The Roundhouse blend into our National Park surroundings!


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Introducing The Roundhouse

Following community support in our Parish wide survey in January 2019, the Parish Council set about commissioning a ‘bandstand’ type of structure to be built in Easebourne Park. The concept was for it to be a place to meet up with friends, to hold events in or to shelter from the sun, or rain! Most importantly, a building that sat well within our National Park surroundings and that could be enjoyed by all for years to come.

After a lot of discussion, applying for grants, obtaining planning consent and fine tuning the details, construction began in early March this year. Many of you may have seen it slowing taking shape. We’re incredibly lucky to have won enough funding and donations to make the whole project possible. Our sincere thanks go to The Cowdray Estate, Chichester District Council, The National Lottery and The Grange Association.

We had a plan for many things that could happen along the way, but never one that covered what we do during a Pandemic. However, after a short period of inactivity, our amazing local designers and contractors, Artizans of Wood, set about slowly completing the project whilst adhering to the Governments social distancing rules.

After some equally amazing groundworks by another local company, ACS limited, The Roundhouse is complete, we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome and we hope you agree. It’s a beautiful structure that nestles perfectly into the Park.

Whilst equipment in Easebourne Park is still taped off in line with Government guidelines, the Park itself is accessible and is a great place to take your exercise during the ongoing Lockdown. If you’ve not already taken a closer look at The Roundhouse, wander up during your daily exercise!

We intend to hold a community event in the Park again later in the summer, subject to social distancing guidelines at the time, but when we are allowed to come together again as a community we will officially open The Roundhouse and have the biggest picnic Easebourne has ever seen!

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Latest Government advice regarding parks

In the Government announcement yesterday there was a slight relaxation of the lockdown rules on exercising and the use of outdoor spaces. Rules do not appear to have been relaxed for those in the community who are over 70 years old.
The understanding of the Parish Council is that it is now acceptable to exercise more than once a day and also enjoy open spaces for longer periods of time, BUT only with members of your household OR a maximum of ONE other person, whilst strictly observing existing social distancing rules.
So it’s now possible to spend more time within Easebourne Park, however please note that there has been no lifting of the restriction on the use of play equipment and so this remains out of action until there is further advice from the Government.
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Supporting our Bees in Easebourne Park!

Some of you may have noticed if you’re taking your daily exercise in Easebourne Park that a large section of grass between the zip-wire and the pond is being left uncut. This will be left to grow throughout May to help our bees!

The South Downs National Park Authority recently launched a major campaign to help reverse the decline of bees in the South East and create a haven for pollinators in the South Downs National Park. This includes creating wildflower corridors and leaving areas of grass uncut during this critical time of the year.

We already have a number of wildflower banks within the Park and hope to create more in the future.

You can find out more about the campaign here :


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Easebourne Park Community Shelter project status

At this present time we have sadly had to shut down the build project for our brand new Community shelter. However, we’re working closely with our local contractor, Artizans of Wood to see if it’s possible to continue the build project in the near future, providing that those involved can do so safely and comply with strict Government instructions.

As we’re sure you can appreciate, there are a considerable number of factors involved and under no circumstances will we put anyone at risk, but if we can find a solution that will enable work to continue then it will be something we can all look forward to using when the current rules are relaxed.

We will post more information here and on Facebook as soon as it is known.

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Easebourne Park Play Equipment CLOSED


COVID-19 Government Direction

The UK Government guidance published 23rd March 2020 in relation to “stopping public gatherings” and closing “non-essential public spaces” states that whilst parks can remain open, “communal places within parks, such as playgrounds”, must closeTherefore until further notice, ALL Easebourne Park play equipment must no longer be used.

If you continue to use the Park for exercise, please practice strict social distancing rules.

Easebourne Park Play Equipment CLOSED2020-03-31T18:06:16+01:00

Week 3 of the Community Shelter build!

As we enter the 3rd week of the build for our new Community Shelter being built by the super talented and local Artizans of Wood, the roof is really starting to take shape! Once completed, the roof will be covered in sedum to help it blend into our beautiful surroundings.

With the ground drying out nicely, next on site will be our local groundworks contractor ACS to lay an extension to the existing perimeter path to lead to and around the shelter. At the same time they will install pads for 2 new, square picnic benches. Our other local partner, Playsafe Playgrounds will then install our fully accessible see-saw and a brand new notice board that can be jointly used by the Parish Council and you, our community!

Despite the extremely challenging times we are all living in at the moment, our contractors are doing an amazing job to keep the projects running and completely so when we can all get outside again there are there for us to enjoy!

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Our shelter is getting a roof!

We thought you’d like to see the latest addition to the Community Shelter in Easebourne Park – it’s started to get it’s roof, which when it’s finished will be a completely living sedum roof, blending in beautifully with our National Park surroundings!

We’re hugely grateful for the super talented team from local business Artizans of Wood for ploughing ahead with construction in these challenging times.


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Community Shelter progress…

In these challenging times we wanted to share an update on how our Community Shelter is progressing in Easebourne Park. The floor is now almost complete and the roof structure will be the next area of work. The target completion date is still set for the 9th April.

Our mature trees were also planted this week, placed to provide some shade during the summer. Next on the list will be the new picnic benches, notice board and BBQ!


Community Shelter progress…2020-03-19T12:14:09+00:00

Construction begins!

The big day is almost here, with construction beginning on our Community Shelter within Easebourne Park, tomorrow, Monday 9th March! Despite the rather soggy ground conditions, it’s full steam ahead and the build is expected to take just 5 weeks.

Deliveries to site will all be made outside of the busy school drop-off and pick-up times. However, as with any project, there could be times when additional activity is taking place in the Park and we would ask for your patience whilst we build this exciting new addition for the community!

After construction of the shelter, an extension to the perimeter path will be added around the shelter and at the same time 2 additional picnic benches are being installed. We’re also planting a number of very mature trees which will hope will give a little instant shade this summer. Other additions in the coming weeks will include a traditional see-saw, a large community noticeboard and a BBQ area!

All of these additions have been made possible after our successful bids for funding from Chichester District Council, The Grange Community Association, The National Lottery and the South Downs National Park Community Infrastructure Levy.


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