Permanent toilets for Easebourne Park

Following on from the very successful trial of a temporary toilet placed in Easebourne Park over the summer school holidays last year, the Parish Council have now confirmed a contract with NatSol, an established and respected national eco-loo company, for the construction and installation of two permanent off-grid eco toilets.
These two toilets will be serviced daily by Wettons personnel and will be open during the hours of daylight and during the months when the Park is most used. They will be constructed of sustainable wood with a reinforced lining and with wooden shingle tile roofs. The wood for the roofs has been kindly donated by Cowdray Estate. The project to supply and build them has been entirely funded by local authority grants, applied for and won by the Parish Council, plus private donations and the National Lottery.
The installation by local company Artizans of Wood, constructors of the Park’s Roundhouse, will commence immediately after the school Easter holidays. However, to ensure that toilet facilities are available to cover the Easter break, a temporary toilet will be installed until the permanent toilets are commissioned.  This loo will also be serviced daily.
We’ll add further updates as this exciting project begins!
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Friends of Easebourne Parish (FrEP) are now on social media!

The amazing FrEP team of volunteers are now on Instagram and Facebook! Search Friends of Easebourne Parish and follow them to see what they’ve been up to, out and about in the village tidying up, cutting back hedges, trimming verges, looking after our planters, picking litter.. the list goes on!

If you’d like to get involved in volunteering to help keep your community clean and tidy this year, please get in touch with to register your interest or send them a message on their new social media pages!

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Become the Editor of your Community Magazine!

United Easebourne Magazine are looking for a new Editor to take over the role of pulling together this community focussed magazine from July 2023 onwards.

Tina and Gavin, the current editors have been doing the role as volunteers for the last 7 years but feel it’s time for someone else to take on the challenge! It’s a very rewarding role, sharing news and stories about what’s happening in our community, its people and its businesses.

Tina tells us it takes around 3 days in a month, split over the month of course and is all done from home. It doesn’t have to be done by one person, so maybe it’s something you think you could share with someone? If being an editor or roving reporter is something you’ve always fancied having a go at then maybe this is your opportunity!

To find out more and to have a chat about what’s involved, please get in touch with us by email or phone.

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Thank You Friends of Easebourne Parish

Friends of Easebourne Parish have been very busy planting 11 Jubilee trees in Carbon Corner in Eastbourne Park. The trees form part of the community orchard and include varieties of apples, a quince, two pears and a cherry.

Thank you Sara Davies, Phil Stringer, Frank Davies, Ian Milne (who took the picture!) and Jon Clarke.

The group will shortly be planting daffodils and crocus in the Park all ready for Spring 2023.

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New Speedwatch Group

If you’ve not already heard, a new Easebourne Community Speedwatch group has been established in the village and they are looking for volunteers to help increase awareness of speed limits and make our village safer.

To find out more, please find them on Facebook by searching ‘Easebourne Community Speedwatch Group’ or by emailing Michael on

There’s an introductory meeting this Thursday, 8th September at 7pm in the Primary School, where the local Police Officer responsible for the Speedwatch initiative will be on hand to explain more and demonstrate the latest equipment. Please let Michael know if you would like to attend.


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