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Easebourne Park Pond Excavation!

As some of you may have already seen, work has well and truly commenced on the early stages of the park. The drainage channels are in, with the exit of the drainage pipe designed to flow into the pond. The pond itself has been excavate and the natural clay liner due to be delivered and fitted early next week. The oak wood trunks and branches, kindly donated by the Cowdray Estate, will be delivered over the next 2 weeks with the first deliveries starting on Mon 25 June. Wildwood personnel recently visited Cowdray and inspected the timber which has been allocated to the project and came away very impressed indeed. These timber deliveries will be timed to cause minimum disruption to the primary school car park users. If this fine weather continues, the progress of the Park will be swift.

The pond dug, awaiting the natural environmentally-friendly clay liner, with drainage exit pipe from the groundworks clearly visible. The pond measures approx 11mtrs x 6 mtrs and is kidney shaped. It will have at least 2 log seats on its periphery.

Easebourne Park Pond Excavation!2019-01-02T11:02:10+01:00

Proposed Easebourne Parish Design Statement

As announced at the Annual Village Meeting on the 24th May, 2018 the Parish Council is proposing to create a Parish Design Statement. This is a document that would be adopted by the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). It would aim to influence future development within the Parish so that it is in harmony with its setting and local character.

A critical requirement of a Parish Design Statement is that it is created by a team of people with various interests and experiences, from across the Parish and not just by the Parish Council. In fact, for it to be officially adopted as an SPD it must have more residents than councillors involved in its creation.

A Parish Design Statement aims to do the following: 

  • Describes the distinctive character of the village and the surrounding countryside
  • Draws up design principles based on that character
  • Helps residents and planners understand local issues
  • Influences future design policies
  • Supports good planning once adopted as a SPD by the local authority

 So, we need your help

If you are interested in being part of the Parish Design Statement Team then please get in touch. We would be keen to talk to people with experience in planning and architecture, but also people who know the landscapes and history of the Parish. Perhaps most importantly we would like to hear from people who want to take an active role in shaping the future of Easebourne Parish.

What might the project involve?

There is a lot of information to share, but to give a flavour for what is involved, the project will include matters such as:

  • Researching our surroundings, Parish history, the character of the Parish, what residents like and what we don’t like –

From building design to green spaces, from views within the Parish to street signage, from types of hedges to building materials and everything in between.

  • Researching the great and not so great examples of other Parish Design Statements.

We are not the first Parish to do this, we can learn a lot from those who have already been through the process.

  • Planning activities including organised group walks to study the landscape, projects for all age groups to take photos of what they like and what they don’t like in our Parish, questionnaires for residents, fact finding with neighbouring Parishes.

Next steps?

  1. Register your interest in being involved by emailing parishclerk@easebourne.orgor via our website http://easebourne.org/services/volunteering/
  2. We intend to hold a briefing meeting for all those residents interested in conjunction with the SDNPA
  3. Following that meeting we will agree the scope of the project and allocate initial tasks
  4. We need to have our team in place and research underway by the end of August 2018
  5. The SDNPA has agreed to provide direct support from September 2018, including a new ‘Toolkit’ that will provide essential guidance in creating the final document.

Any questions?

Please don’t hesitate to email parishclerk@easebourne.orgor call 07342 166188 for more information.

Proposed Easebourne Parish Design Statement2018-06-29T21:09:20+01:00

Easebourne Park – an update on progress

Excitingly, work on Easebourne Park has started.  The security fencing has been delivered and erected by Playsafe Playgrounds, allowing for a path outside the fencing from the public footpath to the south of the park to the school.  The drainage groundworks are about to start.
The paperwork for the necessary £40K loan to the Parish Council from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DGLC) has been submitted and consultations with DGLC has commenced.  Of note, is that the Parish Council has raised £90k, comprising the majority of the £130K funds required for the project.
A notice board with a diagram of the project has been installed to the Easebourne Park fence next to the school car park and the “Site Office” based in Easebourne Primary School, is now ready for use during the construction and installation work  from Monday 11th June 2018.
The overall schedule, remains as follows:
o   8th June 2018: Site security fence, security container and site loo, delivered and erected by Playsafe Playgrounds – completed.
o   11th June 2018: PB Groundworks to commence initial drainage groundworks.
o  20th June 2018: Wildwood UK to commence dens, trails, pond.
o   16th July 2018: Playsafe Playgrounds to construct and erect traditional play equipment.
o   1st August 2018: PB Groundworks complete groundworks (path, bench pads and make good).
o   13th August -20th August 2018: Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) inspection of the park, signs erected, benches and bins installed, security fence removed.
o    Nominally, Saturday 1st September opening event.
Immediate Activity
1.  PB Groundworks will deliver a digger to the site on Monday 11th June 2018, a dumper truck on Tuesday 12th June 2018 and commence the drainage works.
2.  A large lorry load of pea shingle will be delivered later this week, at a time fully coordinated with the school.
For any queries about the Easebourne Park project, please contact the Clerk to the Easebourne Parish Council on 07342 166 188
Easebourne Park – an update on progress2019-01-02T11:02:11+01:00

MADhurst Carnival on 27th August 2018 is Seeking Road Closure Marshals

MADhurst Carnival needs volunteers to act as Road Closure Marshals.  

If you would like to take part, please email David Coote: david@cooteonline.com

Please find some important Briefing Notes for Marshals below:

1 Marshals are assigned to a particular location – see attached schedule and map

2 You will be given a Hi-Viz jacket at the briefing MTC or MADhurst unless you already possess one such as Rotary or Lions.  Please return to information tent just inside MSA on completion.

4 Barriers or road closed notice to be put in place at 12 noon and the Carnival Coordinator will assume that this has happened.

5 After that no vehicles may be allowed to access the closed streets unless a      member of the emergency services or the Event Co-ordinator David Coote -instructs you to do so.

6 A copy of the Road Closure Order you will be given to you at the briefing and should be shown to anyone who questions under what authority you are working.

  1. Protec Security will assist at the four main approach roads. The main purpose of having Protec staff at these points is to give assurance to Carnivalers and public and to ensure a speedy communication to emergency services in the extremely unlikely event of anyone acting with malicious intent.

8 At the back of the Carnival Procession about 100 metres behind the final entry in the procession there be will be a pace car.(A Midhurst Engineering vehicle) After the pace car has passed barriers/Road closed signs can be removed and traffic allowed through.

9 Radios will be given to Marshals located at Bepton Road, Petersfield Road, Mill Roundabout and Knockhundred to use in an emergency and inform Carnival Coordinator of infringement of road closure.  Radios to be returned to information tent on completion.

  1. Please do not give advice to motorists who want to find another way round Midhurst to avoid queues.
  2. If on the day there is a need to contact (DAVID) please ring me on my mobile 07979 221394

NOTE:  All taking part in the procession will enter the Showground via North Mill Roundabout.

MADhurst Carnival on 27th August 2018 is Seeking Road Closure Marshals2019-01-02T11:02:11+01:00


Parish Council minutes are signed by the Chairman and are kept indefinitely as they record the decisions made by the Parish Council on all matters.  They are deposited and held at County Archives in Chichester, which is part of West Sussex County Council.

County Archives have recently informed us that the Parish Council minutes from 1981 to part-way through 1995 are missing, which means for whatever reason, they were not deposited.

The Parish Council is now trying to establish if these minutes still exist.

If anyone can provide any ‘clues’ as to where they might be, or who was involved with the Parish Council during those years either as the Parish Clerk or as a Parish Councillor, it would be much appreciated if you would contact the Parish Clerk either on 07342 166 188 or by email on parishclerk@easebourne.org

Also, if anyone has any copies or draft copies of any of the minutes during this time period, even if unsigned by the Chairman, these would also be gratefully received, and can be copied and returned to you.

Thank you,


Clerk to Easebourne Parish Council


Velo South Cycling Event – 23rd September 2018

Velo South Cycling Event – 23rd September 2018 – Impact on Easebourne Parish

On Sunday September 23, 2018, 15,000 cyclists will start a major new 100 mile closed road amateur cycle event from Goodwood Motor Circuit and will take a route that effectively circumscribes Easebourne Parish and routes out of the parish will be closed for large amounts of time during the day. Please see the route map below, on which are annotated road closure times.

Due to the scale and numbers participating in Velo South, it will be necessary to implement road closures across the full route to facilitate the safe passage of cyclists. The route has been carefully considered and selected through a partnership of all local authorities above Parish level, emergency services and transport operators to minimise the inconvenience of the necessary road closures. Emergency Services will be operating as usual and the public should use normal protocol in the case of an emergency. Velo South will do it we can to provide Easebourne Parish Council with more information on how parishioners can best navigate around the road closures. All Velo South road closure information will be shared with travel information services and satellite navigation providers and this page will be updated with detailed road closure and access maps to support local community access as the event approaches.

This will be a magnificent event to go and watch – viewing points will be advised later, on the Velo South website, but note that the ride will be passing through Fernhurst Town Centre which could be a great spot to watch from, although parking availability in this area may be problematical.

The Velo South website contains much information and will be continuously updated. The Parish Council strongly suggest you visit the Velo South website prior to making any travel plans for 23 September.



Velo South Cycling Event – 23rd September 20182019-01-02T11:02:11+01:00

New Dodsley Lane Pedestrian Crossing

New Signalised  Pedestrian Crossing

Work is due to commence soon at Dodsley Lane, Easebourne on 23rd October 2017 and is expected to take three to four weeks to complete.

This project will include;

  • Installation of new signal controlled Puffin style pedestrian crossing and equipment and crossing associated road markings.
  • Inclusion of pedestrian beepers and rotating tactile devices to aid those with visual impairments to cross safely.
  • Installation of new dropped kerbing and blistered paving. The crossing will be 2.4m wide and include four poles with signal heads.
  • Carriageway resurfacing to approximately 50 metres on the north and south side of the crossing.
  • Traffic Management will be used during the duration of the works.

Hours of work will generally be between 7am and 5pm.

Before the works start, advance warning signs we will erected in the local area.

In order to protect the workforce and the public, traffic management will be used during the duration of the works with temporary traffic lights employed whilst the carriageway is excavated.

New Dodsley Lane Pedestrian Crossing2018-01-08T08:30:21+01:00


For information, West Sussex County Council have informed the Parish Council that the cutting and clearing of twittens is currently two to three weeks behind schedule and that they apologise for any inconvenience caused and are working to hard to resolve this issue.


Housing Allocation

Following last week’s meeting Easebourne Parish Council would like to make it clear that the leaflet issued to residents was not authorised by the Parish Council.  In addition, the plans on the leaflet were not the allocations policy plans.
South Downs National Park (“SDNPA”) is the statutory planning authority but it will delegate some decisions to Chichester District Council.  As the statutory planning authority SDNPA has to produce a local plan for the National Park areas which it is still in the process of doing.  In addition, it will have an annual housebuilding target across the National Park.  The allocations policy will enable SDNPA to look at how it might achieve its target for housebuilding.  It is rather a blunt housebuilding tool as the target is not ward/area specific and so housing need in areas is not always considered.
The Parish Council has requested a meeting with SDNPA to discuss the allocations policy and to share our concerns and those of residents raised at the meeting.  These will be reflected in the comments the Parish Council submits.  The allocations plan is then due to be discussed by SDNPA at its committee meeting on 15 June.
If SDNPA approves the allocations policy, the three sites identified will carry with them a presumption in favour of development but the landowner would still need to submit planning applications for the sites which would be considered in the usual way.  The flipside of this is that any other sites, not identified in the allocations policy, which are brought forward in the Parish, would not necessarily be considered suitable for development due to their omission from the allocations policy.

Housing Allocation2019-01-02T11:02:14+01:00