Those of you who have recently visited Easebourne Park will have seen that the Parish Council has now had the giant conifers removed from the bottom corner. We hope you agree it has opened up the view beautifully. It’s also created more light for allotment holders closest to that corner of the park.
Local tree surgery experts, Arborlec Services Ltd have done a great job felling the trees and clearing up with minimal damage to the grass surface. Several substantial stumps have been left as we look into commissioning nature sculptures.
Now that this corner of the Park has been opened up we’re looking into creating a “Carbon Corner”. The idea is that any resident wishing to offset their carbon emissions, say due to their flight activity, can donate funds towards the creation of a small orchard, with fruit trees more appropriate to this part of Sussex. Indeed, we’ve already received our first generous donation.   If you want to donate to Carbon Corner please contact the Clerk at